The Muifel craftbeers are brewed on relatively small scale in small breweries.
Muifel beers are always "live" beers: they are not filtered or pasteurized.
Also, most of the Muifel beers are bottled with refermentation in the bottle.
Each bottle therefore contains a depot of proteins and yeast.
Store the beers upright (on a cool and dark place) and let the beers rest at least 24 hours after transportation.
Don't drink the Muifel craft beers too cold, this gives a negative effect on smell and taste.
Recommended drinking temperature is 8 – 10 °C (and up to 14 °C for our strong beers Zuster Agatha,
Beerskey and Black Bastard). For more information send an e-mail to
Labels and coasters can also be ordered via this e-mail address.

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