Muifelbrouwerij is located in The Netherlands in Oss, Noord-Brabant. Our mission is to develop, produce and sell tasty and unique craft beers. We started in 2007 so this year we celebrate our 10 year anniversery.

The name Muifelbrouwerij might need some explanation. Muifel is a non-existing word and is derived from Megen and duivel. Megen is a small city in The Netherlands where the brewery started on small scale (20 liter brews) for private consumption. Duivel is Dutch for Devil. Muifel was the name of one of the beers from the early days, inspired by the
famous Belgian Duvel beer.

We are Oss-based and we recently moved to a great venue with lots of space to store all our beers.
At the moment our beers are produced in other breweries but in the near future we will start our own production
facility and start brewing our own Muifels.

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